Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley (Fantasyland #1)

I absolutely loved this book...traveling to a parallel universe, talking animals, dragons, elves...wonderful! It reads like a historical paranormal romance Kristen Ashley style. I was only 30% of the way through when I went back on Amazon and bought the other two in the trilogy.

Seoafin (or Finnie) switches places (willingly) with her twin in this parallel universe. However, while she was willing and left her twin (only in looks, they aren't genetically twins or even have the same personality) detail descriptions of how to get along in Finnie's life, her twin did not do the same for her. Finnie ends up in the middle of a big mess, marrying a guy who (apparently) hates her. Finnie's theme is to treat everything like it is an adventure so that is what she does.

Frey Drakkar is the hero. He is not quite the alpha male that Kristen writes about in the Rock Chick's and Mystery Man series, but he is still very alpha. He soon learns that his Finnie isn't who he thought she was and makes a series of decisions regarding her stay in his world (and other things).

There is a great deal of political strife (oh I think I forgot to mention that Finnie is a princess in this new world). So that is where most of danger comes from as many people were trying to assassinate her, of course she gets kidnapped (in true Kristen Ashley fashion). The world building here was amazing. It takes place in an area that is quite a bit more primitive than current times here. It took place mostly in a land that was wintery.

I loved Kell, Skylar, Penelope, Apollo, Valentine, Aurora, Finnie's girls, Frey's raiders, and mostly Frey and Finnie. I loved their teasing and banter. It was probably my favorite part. I would find myself grinning along with them.

The reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is that at about 70% way through I was thinking, "ok something interesting happen here" Not long after, something interesting did indeed happen though.

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