Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

This is book 2 of 8 in the Iron Fey Series.

I have mixed feelings about this book. It is well written. The plot is well thought out and a lot occurs throughout the book. I enjoyed many of the characters: grimalkin, Ash, Puck, Leanansidhe, Ironhorse. However, there was one character...the most important character that drove me insane enough to stop reading the books many times. Meghan Chase!

I will give the briefest of summaries (it will be brief because 1.) it took me so long to read it that I have forgotten many aspects and 2.) there are many little subplots that seemed to take forever to accomplish something larger). It starts out with Meghan being in the Winter Court. This part of the book was absolutely the most annoying and hardest to get through. Ash has apparently abandoned her and (without giving too much away), Meghan is too obtuse to understand what is happening. She came across as desperate, immature, whiney and not very intelligent. I cringed many times will reading that section and was so embarrassed for her.

Events unfold that force Ash and Meghan to flee the Winter Court on a mission to get the scepter of the seasons back from the iron fey (yes they are back and more annoying that last time those little rascals!). Ash goes his own way and Meghan, with the help of Ironhorse, Grimalkin and Puck set out to get the scepter themselves. There was a section in the briars that Grimalkin was downright mean and I wanted to pull his tiny little whiskers! This was also another time when Meghan got on my nerves. It was obvious that one should be quiet in the briars, but even with people shushing her, Meghan is regrettably loud, drawing the attention of a dragon upon them. Shut your trap Meghan!

At 50% through the book, my goodreads update says, "slow goings." Clearly I don't remember what was going on because I have been reading this same book for 2 months (while I read an additional ten or so books in between trying to finish this one). The last 30% went very quickly the end resolution packed with lots of action. (This is not the briefest of summaries as promised!)

I didn't like the love triangle going on either. I really liked Puck and it broke my heart that Meghan kept jerking him around. Ash was trying to push Meghan away for their own good, but Meghan kept throwing herself at him. None of the affection was believable except (at times) Puck's affection for Meghan.

There is something about this story line that keeps calling to me despite these things that drive me crazy. I am hoping that for Meghan, these are growing pains for her character and that she will mature into someone that I will enjoy reading about. Perhaps I am just a glutton for punishment to be annoyed by Meghan but I simply must know what will happen in the next book!

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