Friday, October 19, 2012

Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder

I have read all of the "Study Series" by Maria V. Snyder and loved it. So when I saw this book coming out a couple of months ago, I was waiting on pins and needles. I kept checking back to make sure that the release date wasn't sooner than I remembered :)

Maria V. Snyder does an awesome job of world building and this book was no exception. It takes place in an area called "Fifteen Realms" in a world where the technology of phones, cars etc. does not exist. The heroine is Avry and she is a healer which is like a dirty word in this world. Avry has been on the run for 3 years and has to hide the fact that she is a healer. Being a healer means that Avry needs to lay her hands on the hurt/sick person and then her healer magic pulls the injury or sickness into her own body where she then has to heal herself from the same disease or injury, but she heals much faster.

Avry was caught in the act of healing a child and was in jail to be executed when she is busted out by a cantankerous man (Kerrick) who remains cantankerous mosto of the time. Kerrick didn't save Avry's life just to be nice though, he wants something in return. He wants Avry to heal a prince. But not just any prince, a prince that Avry doesn't think should live and should Avry heal this prince it would cost Avry her life as this is one sickness that she can't heal herself from.

A lot of the book is about the travels to the Nine Mountains where the sick prince is, the trouble to get there (as Kerrick isn't the only one who wants Avry), and Kerrick and his band of merry men trying to convince Avry to heal the prince.

I read this book in a day and a half (granted I had off work and was able to spend a large chunk of that day reading), but I couldn't put it down!

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