Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa (The Iron Fey Series #1)

I really did adore this story. I bought the ebook a while back and it has sat on my virtual TBR shelf for months, but now I wonder what the holdup was.
The heroine is Meghan Chase, her ran disappeared when she was little leaving only his shoes behind. Her mom remarried and moved to a small town in Louisiana on a pig farm in the boondocks. She has a half brother, Ethan who is four. Her best friend is Robbie Goodfell and is a prankster, but pretty much her only friend.

The first few pages are Meghan recalling the day her dad disappeared, which looking back I think is the reason that it took me so long to read this or should I say, finish it. I had started it months back but never got past those pages where Meghan is reflecting on her dad leaving. It was just not interesting enough for me to keep reading. I guess that is a bad hook, but I am glad that I went back and started reading. Once I got to the current story line (which admittedly is only a few pages in, perhaps this says more about my attention span than the author's hook?), I tore through the book in 3 days.

Her brother Ethan, gets kidnapped and taken to Nevernever (love that name) and Robbie agrees to help her get her brother back, because the changeling left in his place is mean and he bites! Meghan ends up meeting her father, a cat who can talk (reminds me of the Cheshire cat), a best friend who is more than he seems, a prince who is hot then cold, and a would-be psychopathic suitor. I loved many of the characters that Meghan runs across through her journey to get Ethan back: Grumly the troll (or is he an ogre?), the little walnut skinned man who lives in the tree, the rat pack (my favorite), and others. There were villains that were great too: the redcaps, the goblins in the wyldwood, Virus, the kelpie, etc. Although, I couldn't bring myself to hate Ironhorse!

Usually, I have a whole list of annoying things with the main character that I feel compelled to share, but not with Meghan. There was once or twice when she annoyed me, but not enough for me to list them here :).

I can't wait to read The Iron Queen next!

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