Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Breakwater by Shannon Mayer (The Elemental Series Book 2)

5 stars

It is no secret that I love Shannon Mayer.  Her Rylie Adamson series is amazing.  The first book in this series is a great start to a whole new world that Mayer has built around elementals.  The part that I didn’t enjoy about the first book is that Lark gets dumped on repeatedly.  This is a personal preference of mine.  I have a hard time watching movies or reading books where the main character can’t seem to catch a break and is constantly beaten down.  However, in reading this series it is easy to see that Lark is going to one day rock my socks off with how awesome she is and hopefully get some retribution (not necessarily vengeance) for her years being crapped on.

This book takes off pretty much where the first book left us.  The Big Bad (Cassava) is gone but still out there like a black cloud in the distance.  An Ender from the first elementals has come to lay a claim to charge Lark with the fire elementals that she and Ash killed in Book 1.  In order to get her out of the way, her father sends her to the water elementals as a bodyguard for her much hated sister, Belladonna. 

It doesn’t take long for both Belladonna and Larkspur to realize that they probably won’t survive their trip and they have been set up.  They just don’t know by whom.  Was this their fathers way of getting these two out of the way.  Can Ash be trusted?  The bad guy in this book is a pretty big heavy hitter as far as elementals go.  There is a lot of political turmoil in the water realm (The Deep) as the half brother of the rightful heir has taken over using cruelty, starvation, murder, torture.  You name this guy will do it in order to maintain control of The Deep.  We soon learn that his plans don’t just involve The Deep and Belladonna and Lark are in more trouble that they thought. 

I loved reading about the water elementals and their home.  It was amazing and deadly!  I can’t wait to read about more of the other elementals.  I also love how Lark is gaining some of her powers.  I hated that she was helpless in many areas against the elementals and it is awesome that she is able to kick some butt.  I don’t hate Belladonna quite as much and hate Lark’s father a little bit more.  Can’t wait for more!