Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blood and Snow: Volumes 1-4 by RaShelle Workman

3.5 Stars

This is a review for the first four novellas in the Blood and Snow series (Blood and Snow, Revenant in Training, The Vampire Christopher and Blood Soaked Promises).  If I had paid $1.99 for each novella I would feel like they weren’t worth that price, but I got all four lended to me.   It would have gotten 4 stars if there weren’t so many typos.  There was an abundance of typos, but enough to jar you out of the story because your mind registered that it was wrong. 

Snow White is named after the Disney princess and very clumsy.  She lives next door to her seven best friends.  Very soon Snow finds that she is not a normal high school girl.  She was marked as a young girl to be a revenant.  The vampire queen is the original Snow White that the fairy tale is written about and every thousand years she must inhabit another body.  Snow has been marked (along with many others).  This means she is in the running to have the queen take over her body.  Each girl who is marked, is followed by the one who marked them, their hunter.  And Snow’s hunter is someone she knows and she is having a hard time fighting her attraction for him.  There is a faction who is opposed to the queen and think Snow is the key to over throwing her.  Snow is overwhelmed and doesn’t want any of this.  She doesn’t know who to trust.  She doesn’t want to be a vampire.  She wants to go back to normal with her 7 besties.  There is something weird going on with her step mom, her friend Cindy, her hunter, the necklace and random creatures showing up in her room with cryptic messages.
I would like to finish reading this story.  Unfortunately although these are titled “volumes” there are simply small section of one story and at the end of the fourth volume you are left hanging.  I happen to hate that!  Grrr….

But I liked the characters.  I really like Professor Pops, I loved all the brothers and their relationship with Snow.  I don’t trust Cindy and definitely not the step mom.  I am undecided about Christopher (her hunter).   

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