Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Master of Crows by Grace Draven

3 Stars

I want to preface my review by saying that I suspect I might be in a reading funk and a lot of books are not capturing my attention like usual. However, saying that, I still consider 3 stars to be a good book, but not a great book (4 stars) and not a knock-my-socks-off book (5 stars).

Martise of Asher is a slave whose master (Cumbria of Asher, a member of Conclave) has her spirit stone (a spirit stone contains part of a person's spirit so they are bound to however owns the stone). She is sent to Neith under the guise of being an apprentice of Conclave to aid Silhara in translations (she is really there as a spy for Conclave to find a reason to have Silhara killed). Silhara is also supposed to help Martise unlock her power (which no one else has been able to do).

Silhara of Neith (aka Master of Crows) is hated by Conclave and feared by everyone else. He is a very powerful mage who has refused to pledge allegience to conclave. He is brusque and slightly scary at times. The god, Corruption, has set his eyes on Silhara to be his way into the world. This is bad and Silhara is trying to resist while also trying to find a way to kill Corruption, but in the meanwhile, Corruption is taking his toll on Silhara's body and mind.

-I didn't like how the author made Martise so "plain". It was said at least a dozen times how unattractive he is. This is a personal preference that I don't like my heroines to be ugly. They don't have to beautiful, just not so unattractive that that is the first thing anyone says or thinks about her.

-***Spoiler-ish***: Silhara, in his quest to rid himself of his desire for Martise ordered himself a prostitute. I didn't mind that, but he went way way too far with the prostitute for it to be endearing that he didn't end up having sex with the prostitute. And the only reason he didn't was because (oh how to put this genlty)...his equipment wouldn't work because this beautiful prostitue was not Martise. I found nothing in that situation to endear Silhara to me.

Overall, I would say this was an enjoyable book. I read the first 40% fairly quickly, then I had trouble getting into it until ~75% then I sucked it down quickly again.

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