Monday, October 1, 2012

Review for "The Assassin and the Underworld" by Sarah J Maas

It’s like these darn novellas keep getting better and better!  What’s a girl to do?  Keep reading of course. 
I knew I liked Sam from the first novella when he helped Celaena free the slaves. And even though he never made an appearance in the second novella, Celaena's thoughts about him just brought him closer to my heart. In this novella, he firmly takes his place as my favorite character.

This novella picks up right where the second one left off. Celaena comes back from the Red Desert. Seeing Arobynn for the first time after he beat her was less dramatic than she thought. The entire time, he was contrite, he apologized, and sent her gifts. Celaena didn't tell him she had an apartment or that she had money to pay off her debt. He immediately offers her a mission to thwart a plan to start a slave trade between Rifthold and Melisande. There is a great deal of intrigue in this installment. Who can Celaena trust?

At the end, we are not left wondering. We clearly know which side of the line Arobynn and Sam lie on. And what a dastardly villain the villain makes (I can’t tell you who that is, that is part of the intrigue so quit asking me!)  Oh p.s. Lynsander needs to be punched!  I do not like that girl. 

I am immediately jumping into the next one and by the reviews of it being heartbreaking I can see I might be depressed for a few days. I just hope that what I think might happen doesn't happen.

Favorite quote:
"I love you," he repeated, shaking her again.  "I have for years.  And he hurt you and made me watch because he's always known how I felt, too.  But if I asked you to pick, you'd choose Arobynn, and I. Can't. Take. It."  --Sam

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