Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Laceybourne Manor by Kristen Ashley

This book is only $0.99!  What a deal.  Go get it post haste.  I loved Kristen Ashley books, but I hadn't planned on delving into her "Ghosts and Reincarnation" series. It didn't hold any appeal to me. But I am not one who can walk away from a sale. I am glad that I didn't. This book is in the reincarnation aspect of her "Ghosts and Reincarnation" series.

The legend goes that 500 years ago Royce Morgan and Beatrice Godwin had an epic love and there was a dark soul who wanted to destroy this love. And the dark soul did indeed destroy their love, but not before a witch was able to cast a spell that would bring back the souls of these two star crossed lovers. Enter Colin Morgan and Sybil Godwin. Their relationship does not start out well. Colin does not think much of women and immediately is suspicious of Sybil. There is yelling, and accusations, and general bossiness. Their second encounter is much better: Colin saves the day! At the third encounter (keep in mind Colin still does not like or trust women), Colin offers Sybil 50,000 pounds to sleep with her. Sybil has her reasons and accepts, but thus starts us down a road much different than the two reincarnated lovers should be on. Not to mention that the dark soul is still out there and once again wants to thwart true love and do despicable deeds.

I really enjoyed this book quite a bit. I liked Sybil a lot. She was generally wonderful and not annoying (as many strong heroines are wont to do). Colin was a little bit different for me. Not a typical KA hero in many regards, but still the typical alpha male that she has just dropped into another role. Because of this I had a harder time with him. Most of KA's heroes are good protectors of their lady folk, but Colin just seems to be capable of paying others to do the protecting (except at one point where he uses a cane to break a would-be assassin's arm). I just like the KA hero that is more hands on (more like Liam, Hank, Eddie, Hector, Mace, Vance, Cabe, Mitch, Brock and Tate!)

I will definitely read more in this series.

P.S. I thought I was going to have to be mad about Mallory, but luckily I am content with that aspect.

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