Friday, October 19, 2012

The Fire Wars by Kailin Gow

3 Stars

The premise of the book was new and interesting...

The entire world is nothing more than a series of islands after the water gods have submerged what they can. Mac moves with her mother to Aeros Island which is some Pacific Island. It soon becomes apparent that unknown forces have brought them here. Mac's tuition has been paid for at a prestigious private school, they live in the VIP client housing instead of the regular employee housing at the hotel that Mac's mom works at, etc. Then Mac meets two very different boys. She likes them both, and worst of all they are cousins. Varon is easy going, kind, blonde and beautiful. Chance is uninterested, almost mean, dark and yes he too is beautiful. They both want her, and wants them both. Chance thinks Mac is his Fire Queen and Varon insists that Mac should pick him and be his Water Goddess. Oh did I forget to Mention that Chance is the Fire god and Varon is the water god...

The downsides...
1. The book has a major cliff hangar. Some may like that, but I like at little a small amount of resolution at the end.
2. I am pretty sure (but I am not positive) that I hate love triangles! I don't like that someone always ends up alone and that the heroine has a hard time chosing. (And don't even get me started about books with one guy and two girls after him, yuck). So that is clearly a matter of opinion an dit is obvious that many many people love a good love triangle.

However, the writing was good and it was a new idea for a story line, but I won't buy the next one. 

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