Friday, October 19, 2012

Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell (Timber Wolves #2)

The end of this book has made me bereft! What about Alex, Charlie, Jase, Talley and Liam? How can this end well? What was Jase up to? What did the Seer's see when they touched Scout and why wouldn't they tell their queen? Who is Lilith? I can't possibly be expected to wait for the next book right?

The middle, however, was not short on chuckles (and I am not someone who hands out chuckles lightly).

Some of my favorite quotes:

" 'What is it with girls and vampires?' Charlie asked, trying to smile. 'They're pretty and they sparkle in the sun, just like unicorns.' "

"If the White Witch offers you Turkish Delights, tell her to shove off."

"And you would not Shift into a fox, not in a box, not wearing sock?"

"Ashley smiled sweetly and patted my back where her hand was resting. 'Of course not, sweetie. You're always sunshine and rainbows.' I was going to sunshine and rainbows her face if she didn't watch it."

There were more things that made me laugh despite the overall sad or dire mood of the whole book. Ok, that is all I have to say, there are plenty of better reviews to read for more information on a summary (which is impossible by the way without giving away all the secrets of this book).

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