Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Law man by Kristen Ashley (Dream Man #3)

4 stars

Super Short Summary:
Detective Mitchell James Lawson (love that name) lives across the hall from Marabele Jolene Hanover. Mitch has had his eye on Mara and takes his shot with her when her faucet is leaking and she needs some manly help to fix it. Mara is pathologically shy and has also had her eye on Mitch for years (for four years to be exact!) and has watched women come and go from his apartment the whole time. The problem is that she believes she is a 2.5. Mara has a point system for everyone, it is firstly based on looks then personality, etc once she knows someone, and Mitch is a solid 10.5. So in Mara World, Mitch would never be interested in Mara. The drama keeps coming as Mara's cousin's kids call her from a convenient store because they are hungry and Mara's deadbeat cousin has no food, no money, no phone and is strung out of his gourd. Thus ensues the battle to get the kids out of that situation, and get Mara and Mitch on the same page. The Trailer Trash Twins (aka Mara's mom and aunt) make many appearances and while I must say some of KA's descriptions get a little long and I don't care, the descriptions for the Trailer Trash Twins was perfect! I could absolutely picture those two nasties in my head!

KA's books tend to be a bit lengthy and towards the end I started skimming sections just looking for when they were talking. There is a lot of descriptions for peoples clothes, apartments, and tons of examining of feelings that sometimes feels redundant. I never ever skim books, but I did towards the end of this one.

Mara wasn't my favorite KA heroine, but she wasn't my least favorite either. Mitch is a lot like Hank Nightingale, but I liked Hank better. I didn't feel like I got to know Mitch quite as well as some of the other KA hero's.

The real drama with Tack and the Russian mob doesn't happen until the very end and I always wish that part lasted a little longer.

All's well that ends well and KA's books always end well! I loved, loved, loved the epilogue. In fact, I think this was my favorite epilogue that KA has written. Bud and the Rockies! And the way Mitch acted with grown up Billie and her shorts was right on!

Since I read this long winded book in ~3 days, I would say overall, I loved it!

Favorite Quote (this one makes me chuckle everytime I read it):

"But now I wondered if he'd think he'd walked into a Two Point Five setting the mood for an illegal maneuver on a Ten Point Five."  --Mara

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