Friday, October 19, 2012

Lichgates by S.M. Boyce (The Grimoire Trilogy #1)

Ultra quick synopsis: Kara likes to hike and while on holiday with her father, happens upon a door in a mountain. Through a series of events, Kara finds The Grimoire and becomes The Vagabond in a new world where everything can be deadly and people don't always look like what they are. The people have waited a thousand years for the next vagabond and now that she is here there are those who would use her and those who would kill her. Kara must decide who to trust if she is going to live to try to bring peace.

I loved the world that S.M. Boyce built. I can't wait for the next book to come out and I hope that Braedan and Kara can end up together. I loved visiting the different kingdoms, they sounded beautiful with completely different people native to each one. Overall, I loved Kara, she is thrown into an incredibly stressful and important position and refuses to be used. I think it would be easy to go along with what other (scarier, bigger, deadlier) Bloods want from her while she is in this strange land. But it also annoyed me when she would go beyond stubborn (like when she refused to wear the dress. Just wear the darn dress Kara!). I loved the griffin and the rownthe and Feck (he was adorable!) and the rest of her menagerie of pets.

There was a time when Braedan’s adopted dad told Kara that she needed to watch how she spoke to his son (the new Blood). I didn’t like this and wished that Kara had somehow been able to let him know it was not ok to tell her to watch her mouth. It happened in a roundabout manner, but I wanted more of, “I am the Vagabond, you don’t tell me what to do scamp!”.

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