Friday, October 19, 2012

Savor by Megan Duncan

The book takes place in a world where vampire royalty rules the land. When you turn 18, you get your blood tested and get a donor card. When Claire gets her blood tested she is soon visited by an ambassador of the royal vampire family. Claire is told her blood is perfect and is invited to the palace to become a princess, adopted vampire daughter to the reigning monarchy. Claire's mother is ecstatic, Claire...not so much. Eventually, Claire decides to accept the proposition. She likes the idea of becoming a princess and while she is scared of the process to become a vampire, she looks forward fitting in (as she felt she never did in the human world). The transition is subtle (I hate when a character goes from hating something to agreeing to it in a moments notice). However, not everything is happy with the new addition to the royal family and the natives (humans) are getting restless with more and more protests.

What I love:
1. The princess idea.
2. The blood mate idea. I love Arrick

1. It was a little short and didn't feel like a complete story. I prefer to read series, but I like each book to be a complete story with a resolution.
2. Again with the love triangles and not being able to decide between two men. blah...

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