Thursday, October 18, 2012

Entangled by Nikki Jefford (Spellbound Trilogy #1)

I finished this sucker is 2 days! It was excellent. I had actually borrowed the book but think I am still going to go buy it because I want it in my personal collection.

Graylee (love that name) is a witch, but she hasn't had her powers or very strong powers since she was very young and the star of her class. We find out the reason for this very early.

Graylee's twin sister Charlene is also a witch, but for all appearances much stronger than Graylee. Graylee is kind of eclectic and Charlene is the typical pretty, popular, shallow teenager. Needless to say they bump heads often. Charlene's boyfriend dumps her and Charlene is determined to get him back. This stirs up a whole pot of nastiness and Charlene ends up accidentally killing Graylee. Because of this Graylee and Charlene end up sharing the same body, with only one of them being conscious during each 24 hour period. Graylee is working with her mother, Raj and Nolan (both warlocks) to find a way out of Charlene's body and into her own.

I am glad that we spent each 24 hour period only in Graylee's head (as opposed to 24 hours with Graylee then 24 hours with Charlene). This meant that we missed out on the other 24 period unless we were in Raj's head (which I loved). I didn't want to spend any time in Charlene's head so I am glad my time wasn't wasted with that nonsense. I actually liked every time Graylee would wake up and read her sister's notes from the previous day.

I loved Raj! There aren't many Indian or maybe he is only half Indian hero's, but he was magnificent. I did think that it would have been more believable if he had noticed Gray before her disappearing act. I was also confused with Raj's mother as at one point she is downright hateful to Raj and another she is comforting him. What is the story there? Will be get it later? I wasn't sold on Shay even though I could tell that I should like her.

It was slightly annoying that Charlene got away with half of the stuff that she did, but I think that was part of her character that she was able to manipulate others.

Overall, the book got its hooks into me instantly and didn't let go. I will definitely be reading the next book.

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