Friday, October 19, 2012

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Cassiel Knight

I debated including this cover because that
half naked man in the background is

Ok, so first I must say that I won a e-copy of this book...and by won I mean that the author posted that she was giving away a copy to the first person who said they wanted it, which was me, so I won. There were no strings attached, she did not ask me to review and I do not know this author.

The summary for this book says that Gideon is trying to catch the guys who killed his father, which is not true, but that is all I am going to say without giving away parts of the story. Also, I don't think that you can tell from the summary but this book is set in the future, but still on Earth. She designates locations by referring to them as "New London", "New Boston", etc. so you don't get confused with where in the world you are. The only thing I found confusing was that she made up curse words/exclamations. One of them is "shred it". The first time I read it, I thought she was literally telling someone to shred something. But you get used to it, and it eliminates the excessive use of real curse words which can sometimes be distracting.

I read the book in 2 days. It was shorter than I wanted. I wanted to read more about the tension between Black and Sidra and Gideon and Sidra. It was so well done and I would often go back and read those parts again. Sidra is strong and independent, but doesn't make stupid choices just for her pride. I want to know more about why Kar and Gideon don't like each other, who is the "spook" in the Triad, does Sidra quit Triad and work for Vitaria or does she do the "double agent" thing, do they catch the bad guys? Will there be more Cassiel Knight?!? I started reading it late at night and didn't get very far, but as soon as we met Black, I was hooked. I had to go to sleep (that whole career thing is really getting in the way of my reading time), and I couldn't wait to get back to Black and Sidra.

This is a new author and a new book. When I try these I usually don't have very high expectations, but this one was a pleasing surprise. I would recoomend it.   I bought the next book that the author put out (it is a full length novel), but I am not as into it as this book.  In fact, it has been on my "currently reading" shelf for a couple months now. 

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