Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Penmort Castle By Kristen Ashley

4.5 Stars

Abby has moved to England after the death of her husband to love in her mother’s ancestral home.  Abby has lost everyone near and dear to her (mother, father, grandmother and now husband) except her best friend.  This same best friend concocts a scandalous way for Abby to get herself out of the debt she has fallen into trying to restore her grandmother’s house (the only thing left of her family).  She has arranged for Abby to pose as Cash Fraser’s girlfriend for a time.  The price was exorbitant, but Abby was posing as a high priced escort. 

It just so happens that Penmort Castle is also haunted by the malevolent ghost of a spurned lover from one of Cash’s ancestors.  Also, interesting to note is that this ghost only goes after the true loves of the current heir to Penmort Castle.  So why, if Abby is just posing as a girlfriend in a business deal does this ghost have it out for her. 

The rest of the book was trying to devise a plan to divest this specter from her headquarters, Penmort Castle. 

This was a typical Kristen Ashley book.  I have loved reading her books that take place in National Trust properties.   I’ve made it a goal to visit as many of those properties as possible (someday)!   I loved Cash and Abby.  I don’t think it is my favorite that our heroine has a beloved dead husband.   Still, I loved the premise and the characters and the castle!

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