Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wild Man by Kristen Ashley (Dream Man #2)

This booked was lended to me on kindle. I don't own it, and I didn't love it enough to want to buy it after reading it. Not my favorite KA book. It took me a while to finish it, and I kept moving on to other books, but I just couldn't leave this wounded soldier behind so I finally got it finished. I was glad it wasn't as long as other KA books.

I didn't feel like there was a lot of action in this book. In Mystery Man, there was constantly something happening to Gwen. Most of the action that happened to the heroine, Tess, happened before we ever meet her. A little drama at the beginning and then a few pages at the end.

Not my favorite hero...

I like the name "Brock Lucus". It's a good name. However, we met Brock when he was undercover in Mystery Man. He was having sex with Darla who by all accounts was nasty and he hated every minute of it, but he did it for his undercover case he was working on. That didn't set well with me when I read Mystery Man, but then I found out Brock was the hero for the next book in this series, then it really didn't sit well. Then the other part that I didn't like Brock from Mystery Man was that he had Gwen kidnapped. Those things do not add up to someone that I want to read about! He was fine in this book, but I will always have Darla in my head when I think of Brock.

I did like the idea of Brock working on Tess as part of the undercover deal and falling in love with her and her finding out that he was undercover! That was the best part of the book, however, it happened right in the beginning, then Tess went off by herself for three or four months, then Brock walks back into her kitchen and her life and basically tells Tess to get over it. He should have had to work for it a lot longer, but I get that KA was designing a heroine that didn't play games and was super sweet, but she just got over it instantly, and then she got over learning about Darla instantly.

Both of their ex's are people you just love to hate although Olivia takes the cakes with that one. I was sooo relieved that we didn't have to deal with Brock buying into all her conniving schemes! There was only once when you question whether Brock is buying that crap.

I liked Brock's family, his boys, his brother's-in-law (maybe more than his sisters). I liked that we got glimpses of Hawk, Mitch, Hank, Vance and Hector. Not enough because I loved all of them more than Brock.

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