Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rock Chick Redemption by Kristen Ashley (Rock Chick #3)

Where to begin...I absolutely loved this book. I will admit, that at the beginning, I thought Hank's book was just something to get through to get to the rest of the books. He had parts in the first two books and while I liked him, I didn't think he had what it takes to be the hero of his own book...I was wrong. I was very, very, wrong. Hank was amazing and I really loved Roxie. I didn't like how high maintenance she was, but I appreciate that the author is giving her characters differences that make their personality. The book made me laugh. There were parts were Roxie by herself made me laugh, and Roxie with Hank made me laugh, or Roxie with Uncle Tex (I still love Uncle Tex although he has quite the potty mouth on him).

The entirety of their relationship can be summed up with this quote:
"I'm not your woman," I said, drowsy.
"You are," he returned.

I really loved the story line with Roxie. She was in a bad relationship with a boyfriend and she was trying to leave. She tried to break up with him and "it didn't take." He kept coming after her and Denver was part of the plan. Meet her Uncle Tex, Billy finds her and she will come back to Denver and hopefully he won't look for her in the place he just found her (that is her plan). When he does find her she is with Hank and Billy flips out. I actually liked the part of the story line were Roxie gets beaten and taken (not that I in any way find this acceptable behavior for real life or would ever think it is ok, but it works so well for this book). Because of this the entire Hot Bunch wants to protect Roxie, but she thinks she is dirty now.

This is my new favorite!

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