Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley (Colerado Mountain Man #2)

4 Stars

This is one of my top KA books, but since there are a gazillion of them, it just means that Sweet Dreams is in the top 10-ish. I did really like Tate and Lauren both and Jonas is my favorite kid from any of the KA books so far. He was hilarious and precious!

Summary: This will be very brief because this book is mammoth with so much back story that it is hard to make a summary that will do it justice (but I will try) without spending hours recapping.

Lauren: Just spent 4.5 month on the road looking for a nowheresville town and when she drives into Carnal, CO to a biker bar named Bubba's, she thinks she's found it. She gets a job at Bubba's as a waitress.

Tate: has been hooked to Neeta since he can remember and has a kid with her (Jonas). Neeta is a hot mess and I mean that in the worst sense of the word. Tate decides he is done with her and the next day walks into his bar (Bubba's) to see Lauren there. He, for some reason, doesn't want her working there and says to the other owner, "Krys, maybe you wanna talk to me before you hire some sorry-butt, old, fat, suburban b-word." (insert the proper expletives). He defends this behavior by saying that when he gets mad he says things he doesn't mean, which he continues to do through the rest of the book. I had the hardest time getting over that sentence. He didn't even say it to me and it hurt my feelings! Then, of course, he takes a liking to our Lauren.

During this time, the May-December Serial Killer is on the loose and appears to be escalating. One of the waitresses ends up dead (and in a bad way!). Tate (who is also a bounty hunter) goes after the guy but comes up with nothing. The whole town is on edge. Lauren continues to make friends and another of those friends is attacked (but gets away).

The book was a little long and I felt like there could have been a lot that was trimmed out. I have started skimming sections with descriptions of clothes and feelings.

I totally didn't even guess who the killer was. I knew it was going to be a guy we had met, but he wasn't even someone I was considering. Manly because he had such a small part and was completely absent from 95% of the book. I would have liked a few more clues into who the bad guy was.

I can't even get into all the characters that I liked, because I liked so many and the ones who you were supposed to like (Neeta, her posse, Brad, Hayley, etc) I really didn't like.

Favorite Quote (I will admit this is a strange favorite  quote, but it makes me chuckle so you will just have to deal):

"Take you hand off me," I hissed.

"Shut your trap," he clipped back, opened the door and pulled me in.  Then he shut the door and maneuvered me so my back was to it and he was close to my front. 

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