Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oh, Cherry Ripe by Claudy Conn

3.5 Stars (slightly better than good)

This novella (it is listed at 182 pages on Amazon) is about a young girl (Cheryl “Cherry” Elton) and a man (Lord Skylar Westbrooke) who are to be engaged sight unseen.  Cherry finds this unacceptable and endeavors to run away.  Lord Westbrooke is doing it for convenience. He needs someone to look after his young siblings who are a bit of trouble.  As luck would have it, Cherry runs straight into Lord Westbrooke and becomes his governess, something for which is both over and under qualified for.  Neither knows who the other is.  Cherry has given a false name to Sky and never knew her betrothed’s name.  I loved the language in this book, it made me smile.  Things like, “you are the best of all great brothers,” and, “welcome Lord Brother.”

I liked the premise of this book as explained above, but there was no other source of intrigue or danger.  That is why it doesn’t get more stars.   But the writing kept me coming back for more.  I wanted to read about how Cherry would figure out who her employer/secret betrothed is and how Sky would figure out who Cherry was.  Of all the ways for it to come out, I felt it was slightly anti-climactic.  I wished that Lord Sky had somehow been able to sleuth out the mystery and lead Cherry on a mad chase to get her to confess.  Anyway, I look forward to reading more from this author.  

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