Friday, March 1, 2013

Raid by Kristen Ashley (Unfinished Heroes #3)

4 Stars
I read the first 3-4 chapters from the author’s website (P.S. she does this with all her books so if you want to try it before you buy it, just visit her website) and became obsessed.  I needed to know more about Raid.  I was a little bit surprised to find that he was from the “Unfinished Heroes” series.  This series is a little grittier (with more in your face smexy stuff) than her other series.  It also seemed shorter than some of her other books, but make no mistake it is still listed at 292 pages (this author writes super long winded books). 
Hanna has been in love with Raiden Ulysses Miller since she was six.  He does not know she is alive and looks right through her.  He is back in town and Hanna has realized that she needs to start living her life and have some fun.  She buys a new car, buys new clothes, gets a new hair style and a ridiculous bicycle.  Wonder of wonders, Raid notices our girl and decides she is his reward for what he has gone through in his life.  We never quite find out what that is, but it involves most of his buddies in the marines dying in some specific situation.  He has nightmares and DOES NOT like to talk about it.  I wanted to punch him the first time that Hanna brought it up.  I wasn’t sure how the author was going to get Raid back on my good side after that, but have no fear…she did and he is. 
Raid has a scary job.  It isn’t exactly legal and Hanna has to decide whether she is ok with his.  This is going to sound weird but some pretty awful stuff happen to Hanna because of this connection to Raid’s job, but I loved, loved, loved how Raid handled it.  It isn’t exactly spelled out how he handles it, but we KNOW that he handles it and permanently. 
Overall, Raid and Hanna aren’t my favorite KA heroes and heroines, but they aren’t my least favorite either.  I think my favorite part was the first few chapters at the beginning that I got to read free, but of course I had to know what came next and that next part was awesome too.  Then it got real…fast. 

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