Monday, April 1, 2013

Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole (Immortals After Dark #0.5)

3.5 Stars (again…slightly better than good)
I think this book is a prequel to the “Immortals After Dark” series.  I had actually read the first book in the series a couple years ago, but didn’t connect the dots until ~50% of the way through “Warlord Wants Forever”. 
Myst the Coveted has been captured by Ivo (bad guy) and is in a cell when she spies a warlord (Wroth) with his army of vampires attacking Ivo.  She admires his scars and his strategy in war.  He wins of course and ends up in front of her cell.  However, Myst has been manipulating men for centuries and is just waiting for her Valkyrie sisters to come to the rescue.  When Myst leaves, she leaves the warlord in a compromised state with no end in sight unless he can find her again.  It takes five long years but eventually he does find her, but then decides he can’t live without her.  He finds her Achilles heel and uses this to keep her with him. 
This is a quick read and I enjoyed it.  I liked the story line and the secondary characters (except maybe some of Myst’s sisters).  I would enjoy reading more from this series, but after reading this prequel I remember why I didn’t read past the first book in the series before…there is too much schmexy time for me.  I don’t mind a little, but the majority of this book was about sex and manipulation.  I do, however, know many people who do like that kind of book and I think it would be great for them because the story line is actually very good, and I enjoyed the humor. 
Favorite Quote: (Myst to a minion)
“Psst.  Minion.  I need these laundered.  Very little starch.  Don’t just stand there gawking or you’ll anger my good frenemy General Wroth.  We’re like this.”  He couldn’t see her but knew she was twining two fingers together.

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