Saturday, March 9, 2013

Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson #7)

5 Ginormous Stars

I do love a good Patricia Briggs book and this one does not disappoint.  Some have said that one should be caught up on the Alpha & Omega series before reading this book.  I think that one could get by without being caught up in that series, but it would provide a better understanding for some of the situations.

Mercy is out with Jesse (Adam’s daughter) shopping and therefore escapes the impetus that sets this book in motion.  Adam and the rest of the pack have been taken.  How, you ask, can an entire werewolf pack be taken by a group of humans?  Well you must read to find out, but most basically, they were very, very organized.  They had people with the right information and money and motives to get this set up.  Mercy must work to keep the rest of the pack that wasn’t taken safe, keep Jesse from getting into trouble and find a way to rescue the rest of the pack.  Before she makes must progress, things start to heat up.  She is being targeted by fae assassins, being thrown from buildings, and handcuffed and questioned. 

The reader thinks they have a handle on what is happening and why, but you can tell from the number of pages that are left that the story can’t be over.  The pack must know who the money man is and find out why the vampires want to be so cooperative. 

I enjoyed this book so much more than River Marked.  Although I can see that River Marked was a necessary evil in that it gave the reader good insight into Mercy and what she really is as a walker.  The reader also got to have some time with Adam’s POV which I enjoyed.  I would like to say that I can’t wait until the next book, but I fear how long it will be. 

I got this book in hard cover (for my collection) so I couldn’t highlight my favorite lines, but there were many.  I enjoyed Mercy and Adam’s interactions.  I enjoyed Asil’s contributions.  I enjoyed the storyline. 

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