Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dream Island by Josie Litton (Akora #1)

4 Stars
This is the first book in another trilogy by Josie Litton that seems to go by two names.  Either “Akora Trilogy” or “Medieval Trilogy”, the last of which is odd because it isn’t medieval, except for maybe they are referring to their time on Akora?  If you haven’t first read this author’s Viking & Saxon series, then I would recommend that.  They make some mention to the Hawkforte’s, but nothing you would need to have read the books to understand.  The main reason that you should read them first is because they were A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
Lady Joanna Hawkforte is looking for he brother, Royce, who left nine months ago to go to Akora.  Akora is a warrior island nation that kills any and all visitors.  Royce should have been back six months ago and Lady Joanna is understandably distressed.  Royce is the only family that Joanna has left.  Joanna leaves Hawkforte for London and tries every avenue she can find to get information about Royce.  Her last option is to pursue information through Lord Darcourt who is a decedent of the only known survivor to land on Akora.  Lord Darcourt snubs Joanna in front of the ton and leaves Joanna no choice but to stow away on his ship as he leaves to go back to Akora.  That is all I will say because the rest is all the intrigue of discovery of Akora and the treachery of both Akorans and the English. 
I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the Viking & Saxon series, but perhaps some of that was that I was only able to snag small pieces of time here and there to read this.  Perhaps I wasn’t able to immerse myself as much as I wanted.  I enjoyed all the Akora stuff, but I felt like the time between Darcourt and Joanna was a little flat.  I am however looking forward to the third book which is the Vanax and Brianna. 

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