Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Night To Surrender by Tessa Dare (Spindle Cove #1)

5 Stars

I had this book for a while, but for the life of me I can’t imagine what caused me to put it off for so long.  I adored everything about it.  The hero was big and strong, appropriately manly, and firmly against marriage…and of course handsome.  The heroine was smart and beautiful and not even a bit annoying.  Many authors can’t quite get the hang of giving the heroine’s issues to make them real and human, but not making them annoying!  Tessa Dare does it perfect.  Both Susanna and Bram have their own hang ups that prevent them from fully enjoying each other.  I loved the banter between the two of them.  This author has no trouble eliciting a chuckle from me while I read her works.

Bram is coming to Spindle Cove to plead his case to Sir Finch to attempt to get back into the infantry after taking a bullet to the knee some months ago.  He does not realize that Spindle Cove is actually a haven for society’s cast off ladies.  Here they are free to be their “best and truest selves.”  Susanna Finch (yes, the same Finch), is the leader of this group of misfits and proud of it.  She will defend their haven even while Bram attempts to build his local militia, drawing men from town and beyond. 

I have already started the next installment in the Spindle Cove series and can’t wait to read about Colin and Thorne’s own stories.  I would also like to read Aaron Dawson’s story.  And the scene with Minerva and Colin bodes well for their story.  Prior to that scene, neither Colin nor Minerva were even likeable.

(One of my) favorite quotes:  Susanna is asking for a moment with Bram after they have agreed to stay far away from each other…

 “It’s but a momentary interruption.  Just this once.”

“Just this once?”  He made a dismissive noise, rifling through papers.  “What about just now in the church?”

“Very well, twice.”

“Try again.”  He stacked his papers and looked up, devouring her with his intent green gaze.  “You invaded my dreams at least a half-dozen times last night.  When I’m awake, you keep traipsing through my thoughts.  Sometimes you’re barely clothed.  What excuse can you make for that?”

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