Monday, March 18, 2013

Runaway Heart by Claudy Conn

4 Stars

Only about 65% of this e-book is Runaway Heart with the rest being excerpts of other Claudy Conn books.  Prior to this book I had only read her first book in the Legend Series.  That book wasn’t bad, but with so many e-books out there, a reader doesn’t need to settle for “not bad”.  So while I didn’t hate that series I didn’t really have a desire to read any other Claudy Conn books.  I do however enjoy historical romance books and was looking for a quick read and decided to give Runaway Heart a try.  The verdict: I shall be reading more of Claudy Conn’s books in the future.  This book was free, but after reading it, it is worth spending money on.


Chelsea’s parents have both died and she is sent to live with her uncle who also dies.  Her Aunt Augusta is quite horrible and sends Chelsea away to school and leaves her to rot well after her time to leave school.  Chelsea’s plan is to find the trustee to her estate and appeal to his good grace’s to not send her to Aunt Augusta. Chelsea ends up with her godmother, Aunt Daisy (not a real aunt) who prevails upon her nephew, Lord Brett Wainwright to cart Chelsea around on her first season.  Brett doesn’t want to, but can’t say no to his aunt and soon finds himself attached to “the brat”. 


I absolutely adored the interactions between Chelsea and Brett.  The author did a superb job of creating a heroine who is young and beautiful, but also smart and compassionate.  The climax did not result in Lord Wainwright rescuing Chelsea.  She was quite smart and capable of rescuing herself!  It was not love at first sight, in fact, the characters did not like one another one little bit. 

There are a lot of similarities between this book and the one I immediately read afterwards by Claudy Conn (Taffeta & Hotspur), but I still adored both of them.    

Favorite Quote: (Lord Brett Wainwright to Aunt Daisy, referring to Chelsea)

“Daisy, I give you my brat.  Hold her till I return.”       

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