Saturday, March 16, 2013

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

4.5 Stars
I have read many Samantha Young books and I think this hero might be my favorite!  The heroine, Joss, annoyed me a little at the beginning, but it was a result of all her baggage that made her annoying and she was getting that worked on professionally, so the further into the book the reader moves, the more you like the heroine.  Another thing that the author did A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y well was when troubles came up with the couple, one of them would do something stupid, but then, the other one would react in a very believable and equally stupid manner so that it didn’t seem like either Joss or Braden was constantly being an idiot. 
On to the plot…
This takes place in Scotland (and whilst I have never been there, it is number one on my places I wish to visit) with the main character being a very damaged girl named Joss Butler.  She moved to Edinburgh after graduating high school in Virginia.  Her past is something she never talks about and she doesn’t get close to anyone.  Even the girl who she calls her best friend has no idea what she’s hiding from.  Joss ends up moving into an apartment on Dublin Street (hence the name) and there meets Ellie and her brother, Braden Carmichael.  And from there you can guess the rest.
My favorite parts were as follows:
·         The first meeting in the car
·         The second meeting in the apartment
·         Most of their fighting
·         I loved Ellie and her frustrations with Adam
·         Most of the secondary characters, except Rhian
·         Braden’s bossiness
Favorite quote:
“I stuck my stupid head out of my stupid hidey-hole.  That’s when Braden swooped in like a big-ass eagle.” 

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