Monday, March 18, 2013

Taffeta and Hotspur by Claudy Conn

4 Stars

Lady Taffeta is one of the members of Rogue’s Three with the other two being her old brother and her not much older uncle.  They are playing at a bit of Robin Hood and end up holding up the wrong carriage.  Their aim is the tyrannical mill owners, but end up holding up the infamous rakehell Hotspur who is the nephew of one of their neighbors.  Lady Taffy must strike a deal with Hotspur (aka Lord Thurston Tarrant) to keep his silence about the Rogue’s Three. 

Lady Taffy ends up in the capable hands of her aunt who is determined to provide a successful season for Lady Taffy.  Hotspur is the hottest catch of every season as he has not one interest in debutantes.  There is something about Taffy that intrigues him and so he unwittingly draws the haute ton’s attention to her by dancing the waltz with her at her first dance.  But of course although he is intrigued he still does not like her and he is definitely not the kind of man that Taffy is hoping to attract. 

There were a lot of similarities between this book and Runaway Heart by the same author, but I loved both of them.  Again the heroine is strong and capable of saving herself.  The love isn’t instant for anyone.  I loved it.  It was a super quick read and delightful. 

Favorite quote: (at the beginning, this is Hotspur to Taffeta after discussing that she would not pursue him as a husband and he would not attempt to seduce her)

“Then I think not,” he said brightly.  “War it is, my lady, and to the victor go the spoils.”

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