Thursday, January 10, 2013

At First Sight: A Timber Wolves Companion by Tammy Blackwell

5 gignormous stars
If you happen to have read any of my other reviews for Tammy Blackwell then you must realize that I am somewhat smitten with anything that comes out of her pen.  It is with that disclaimer that I say, this was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

This entire companion happens during the first two chapters of the first book in the Timber Wolves Trilogy.  We get into the minds of the other characters.  First Liam, then Alex, Talley, Charlie and finally Jase.  And each person took you a little further into the story chronologically.  It was awesome because we get to read about the first time Liam sees Scout, then the first time that Alex sees Scout, then the beginning of when Talley starting “seeing”, then we hear from Charlie and Jase.  I am in love with Liam and thus being in his mind was my favorite to be a part of it all.
It was great, every second.  Buy it, and read it, but only if you have read the rest of the series (I mean it, you must read all three before going back to read this).  And if you haven’t read the trilogy then you are missing out!

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Apparently I wasn't writing reviews yet when I read the first one. 

My only complaint is that I want more about Liam (and Scout).  I know they are supposed to appear in the spin off, but I am not sure that is enough for me. This picture is how that makes me feel...
As you can see, this poor cat is in agony...he can hardly breathe.

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