Friday, January 4, 2013

Come Back To Me by Josie Litton (Viking and Saxon #3)

4 stars
This is the third book in this series (and I think it is probably the last book in the series).  The first two followed Wolf (a Viking lord) and Hawk (a Saxon lord) as they meet, marry and woe their brides (in that order).  This book follows Wolf’s brother, Dragon (another Viking lord) and his bride Rycca (a Saxon lady).  These marriages were designed to bring peace between the Norse and Saxon’s.
Like the other two marriages, it doesn’t start off well.  Rycca is running away from her family and the marriage.  Dragon is having some alone time at Hawk lodge in the woods outside Hawkforte.  They meet up but neither with tell the other their real names.  Dragon wants to help Rycca, but Rycca still manages to get away again.  The marriage starts off with a lot of distrust between these two people.  And like the other books there is still danger.  There are people who don’t want the Norse and Saxon’s to unite and they are working in underhanded ways to prevent this.  So the book follows these goings on and we watch Dragon and Rycca work through their difficulties.  We do get to see Wolf and Cymbra and Hawk and Krysta again a couple times in the book and it is nice to see the friendship between the ladies. 
I loved this series.  I had never read anything by this author before, but I plan to read the rest of her books as well now.  I loved all the characters.  I don’t know which is my favorite couple.  Even the bad guys are written well.  You know who not to trust, but you can’t quite figure out all the details.    

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