Monday, January 14, 2013

Rebel Heart by Lizzy Ford

4 stars
This book was free on Amazon when I got it, and it was free the last time I checked.  I have in fact read a book by this author before, so I wasn’t taking a giant leap into Indie Author-sphere without some thought that I would probably enjoy the writing.  It is edited well so not a lot of typos (if any, I just can’t remember to promise that it is perfect). 
When the story began I was a little confused, but I just kept reading and eventually everything was explained and made sense.  This story takes place in the future and 60 years ago the United States was split East and West with a civil war.  Now, 60 years later, there is an uneasy truce but there is still the PMF (Poor Man’s F____) to worry about.  There were just too many factions to keep track of at first: East vs West, elite vs poor, elite vs “regular army types”, regular army types vs PMF.  Eventually it all worked out.
So the story starts up with the reader meeting Lana/Angel.  She is a genius with technology and has all the skills needed…well for anything technical.  But absolutely zero skills with anything physical or related to survival.  Her boss connects her to a guy named who calls himself Guardian but his real name is Brady who helps her get out of the city and to a command center.  From there Lana discovers a secret and needs to flee (with her zero survival skills you can see where this is going right?) and she gets captured by PMF.  Brady/Guardian is a double agent and due to damage to his vocal cords when they first meet face to face, he recognizes Lana/Angel but she doesn’t recognize him.  That is all I am saying because I feel the rest of the summary would border on spoilers. 
It was a great read and for $0.00 dollars it is definitely worth it.   I enjoyed the development of characters and the twists that the plot brought about.  I liked that Lana was able to prove herself and that she got her dog back.  At the beginning, I feel like the plot would have been better served if the reader got more snippets of Angel and Guardian’s conversations via phone than of the confusing back history.  At some points I was unsure of the timeline and at others I am pretty sure that there were discrepancies.    

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  1. Sounds interesting! I bet this is another page turner like the other books of Lizzy Ford. :)