Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster

5 Stars
This is definitely the first book in a series with the next book being about Will.  I am so excited!  I am a sucker for steampunk romance! 

There is waaay too much going on in this book to do an adequate job with a summary, but I will attempt my usual super short summary:

Honoria is the oldest of three siblings.  She had to move them to Whitechapel and she is in hiding and on the run from the blue bloods in general and Lord Vickers in particular.  Her brother Charlie is sick and younger sister, Lena is working as well to help support the three of them.   Honor gets summoned the leader of Whitechapel abode and thus begins her tentative dealings with a rogue blue blood.  But Honor keeps her secrets close even as Blade (said leader of Whitechapel) works to learn all her secrets.  They have one common enemy and the problem of a vampire hunting in Whitechapel. 

Seriously, so much more happens to even begin to cover all the bases, but you will love it!  I loved Blade, seriously I loved every second of Blade.  I liked Honor most of the time and could understand her reasoning, but sometimes I just wanted to pull her hair and make her tell Blade all her secrets.  Will wasn’t so loveable and I read the exerpt from his story that is at the end of Kiss of Steel and he still doesn’t seem loveable, but I guess I will just have to trust that the author can make him grow on me. 

The beginning was a bit confusing because there was a lot of new lingo being thrown at the reader, but I soon caught on.  I did think that the whole infection with blood craving virus to blue blood to vampire link took too long to come out in the book.  That should have been explained clearly earlier on. 

Favorite Quote/Scene:  This scene is towards the beginning of the book when Honoria and Blade are still working out their deal.  Blade is at a fight night when three blue bloods show up (one being Leo Barrons) and Honoria shows up. 

“Barrons was watching with his arms crossed over his chest.  Just as he’d suspected.  Blade gave him another chilling smile. ‘Mine,’ he mouthed silently, knowing Barrons could read his lips.” 

Cover: I love this cover however, is it just me or does the guy look like Nick Lachey?  I do not picture Blade looking like Nick Lachey! Anyway, the other problem is that author brings up Honor's skirts about a thousand and one times and there are not skirts visible on this cover.  That is all because I really do love the cover. 

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