Friday, January 25, 2013

Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley (#3 Colorado Mountain Man)

4.5 Stars

I think the beginning of this book contains my favorite beginning for a Kristen Ashley book and is definitely one of the top contenders for awesomest beginning for a romance book of all time (for me).  I loved every interaction between Ty and Lexie.

This is the third book in the Colorado Mountain Man Series.  Tyrell (Ty) Walker is just released from prison and someone owes him big time.  To pay up, Lexie Berry is dispatched with a bag of stuff to escort Ty home.  Ty immediately likes what he sees but can’t see how the scum who owed him (Shift) was able to send someone like Lexie to pay his dues.  Still he needs Lexie for part of his Grand Plan O’ Vengeance.  Lexie agrees, but soon Ty’s plans are falling apart.  Lexie isn’t sticking to the play book.
Twice Ty hurts Lexie and the way it is written, I can feel her pain.  I can imagine the depth of her pain and how she feels.  While this sounds weird, those times were some of my favorites because it pushed Ty and Lexie beyond what they would have been.

Ty is a bit more crass than some of the other Kristen Ashley heroes.  At times works for him and its hot and at times it is jarring.  I would find it alarming if someone spoke to me the way Ty does Lexie, but it works for them.  I can’t include my favorite quote because it has too many curse words!
When Ty and Lexie make the end of their road trip and end in Carnal.  The Carnal PD is still as crooked as ever and are up to no good.  This is all I can say without giving out spoilers.  It is a long book, typical Kristen Ashley long.      

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