Thursday, January 3, 2013

Taken by Moonlight by Dorothy McFalls

4 Stars

This was a free novella through Amazon.  I haven’t read anything from this author before, but the tag of “Historical Paranormal Romance” caught my attention.  My three favorite genres combined into one! 

Super Short Summary:
Lady Amelia is an almost-on-the-shelf-woman at 21 years old.  She is restless and bored of the usual social niceties. 

Dimitri we soon learn is a lone wolf who has been called upon by his old pack (the only pack?) to find the missing daughter of the long dead pack’s previous alpha male and female. 
Lady Amelia and Dimitri meet and sparks fly but it appears that Dimitri knows there are other plans for Lady Amelia and struggles with his own feelings about her future. 

This was a novella and I read it in an hour or so.  Sometimes I prefer novellas as I can get a short story: beginning, middle and ending all in one sitting.  I enjoyed meeting Amelia and Dimitri both.  Often one of the main characters will annoy me at some point, but neither did in this case. 

I enjoyed meeting some of the other secondary characters like Aunt Lettie and the Earl.  They were likeable and three dimensional.  I am not such a fan of Dimitri’s sister.  
There are a couple of characters that are portrayed as bad guys but then are either shown to be good guys or just fade into the back ground.  I feel like Vlad’s situation was unresolved. 

Overall, I enjoyed this very much.  The summary doesn’t say much so I can’t tell if explaining which of the various paranormal creatures exist in this book would be a spoiler so I won’t say anything except it is my favorite of the paranormal creatures here. 
Favorite Quote:  Lord Carew to Lady Amelia

“Lord help me,” he whispered, “you are so beautiful it causes me pain.”

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