Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Carried Away by Jill Barnett

3.5 Stars
When I read the summary for this book, I thought that it took place “way back when” and if not in Scotland then in England.  However, when it says, “displaced Highland clan” they mean displaced to an island off the coast of Maine.  There are two brothers (very different), Calum and Eachann.  Eachann was married once before but is now a widower with two children he doesn’t know what to do with.  Calum is the chief of this little displaced clan and very meticulous. 
I enjoyed the last 35% the best.  It took a while for the story to pick up because we had to be introduced to both of the ladies separately.  Amy was “new money” and not accepted into the society that her money placed her.  Georgina was “old money” but actually lacked the money part of that equation, so it was just her name and reputation that she had left.  She needed to snag a rich husband to save her family home.  Georgina was actually very unlikeable for most of the book.  It wasn’t until the last 20% of so that she completely changed, but she was very hateful to everyone for most of the book that I’m not sure I like her at all.  Amy and Calum were both likeable, but Calum didn’t quite cut it for a hero/love interest for me.  I struggled to picture him in an attractive light.  Now Eachann, I liked everything about him.  I liked that he just kidnapped the two ladies.  I liked that he called Georgina, George.  And I loved how he didn’t take any of Georgina’s crap.  I didn’t understand why he wanted her though because she was just so awful to him!  The middle part of the book dragged and I could have done without most of it. 
Kirsty and Graham are Eachann’s children and once again I barely tolerated Kirsty.  There were times throughout the book where the reader was in Kirsty’s POV and I think that the author was trying to make us sympathetic to the little girl by explaining that she lost her mother and didn’t get any attention from her father.  I did feel sympathy, but she needed a giant spanking! 
Overall, I enjoyed the plot, but it could have been thinned a lot.  I enjoyed some of the characters but the author missed the mark for me on many of them. 
Favorite quote:  Eachann to Georgina…
“I think you don’t need to pull down your bodice to attract a man.”
“Now, I have to admit it was quite a sight…” He gave her a slow hot smile. “And still is, but I had already decided I wanted you before you pulled your dress down almost to your waist.”

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