Monday, April 1, 2013

Once Burned: A Night Prince Novel by Jeaniene Frost (Night Prince #1)

5 Big ‘Ole Fat Stars
This is another instance of having a book from one of my favorite authors that I just let sit and molder on my kindle.   Can someone please tell me what I am thinking?!  Ugh!  I have made a pact with my kindle that I will read all of my favorite authors that I have stock piled and stop this nonsense.  Of course after I read this, I noticed that the second one just came out so I carried my fingers over to Amazon and snatched the second one up quick and am already hotfooting it through that book. 
I already loved Vlad from the Cat and Bones series so I knew I would love for him to have his own series.  Vlad is thrown together with a human with some special abilities.  Not only can she absorb and release electricity through her body, but she can also get images from the past, present and future from touching someone or something that person touched.  Because of this, she is pursued by some bad guys intent upon bringing Vlad to his knees.  Vlad, of course, has many options for who his enemy could be but can’t figure out who it is.  With so many options he uses Leila’s skills to attempt to figure out who the puppet master is.  There is some intense attraction between Vlad and Leila, but Vlad states that he can never offer her love.  And Leila is ok with this.  She has never been able to have a relationship with a normal guy because of the electricity thing and the psychic thing.  But Vlad is fireproof so perhaps this is perfect for Leila.  Vlad wants to keep her safe and on the side lines and Leila wants in on the fight. 
The end of the book leaves the reader wondering what will happen between Leila and Vlad now that the immediate danger to them both seems to be over.  Jeaniene Frost writes to excellent heart rending books and I can’t wait to find out what happens in the second book.  I loved everything about this book.  Neither the hero nor the heroine did things to annoy me which is always a plus!  I liked Marty and Maximus a lot too. 
Favorite quote:
“I’m not getting anywhere with him,” I said to Vlad.  “Do you have something you want me to relay before I go?”
“Yes.”  Vlad’s voice was pleasant.  “Tell him the next time I see him, I’ll rip off his head and make a new toilet out of it.” 
“He hates you a lot,” I summarized to Szilagyi.

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