Friday, April 12, 2013

Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost

3 Stars

I am going to admit up front that I am probably being harder on this book than I normally am.  Three stars = a good book, but not great (4 stars) and not holy-moly-how-did-I-live-my-life-without-you (5 stars).  I enjoyed the first 15% and the last 15% but the middle was a bunch of blah.  I actually put it down many times and wasn’t excited about picking it back up.  The reason why I think I am being hard on it is that I just read the first two books in the Night Prince series by this same author and they were fantastical! 

This book is a spin off book from the Night Huntress series about Menchares and his lady fair, Kira.  Menchares has lost his visions and believes that he is not long for this world.  This is how Kira finds/meets Menchares.  He is being attacked by 4 ghouls and she walks in on this to try to save him.  After that fiasco, Menchares finds he can’t stop thinking about Kira.  Kira learns that Menchares is a vampire, but instead of being repulsed she tries to find him after he takes her back to her life.  Of course, she lands herself into some more trouble that he must extricate her from and this time she has some consequences she must deal with afterwards.  Radjedef, Menchares enemy, is plotting to acquire Menchares powers and sets into motion some nasty frame jobs to turn everyone against Menchares.

What I loved about this book was that we got to see Menchares flex his vampire superpowers a lot more than in the other books.  We got to see Bones and Vlad again which is always nice. 

Favorite quote:

“Bath toys are reserved only for the oldest, most lethal vampires.  I have a full century to age and another thousand men to kill before I reach that hallowed landmark.”  -Menchares 

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