Saturday, April 6, 2013

Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley (Chaos #1)

4 Stars

This is the first book in a spin off series from Motorcycle Man (Dream Man #4).  This is the story of Tabitha Allen who is the daughter of Kane “Tack” Allen who is the hero from Motorcycle Man and the president of the Chaos MC (motorcycle club for those of us not down with the lingo).  We met Tab in Motorcycle Man and knew she had a tiny thing for Parker “Shy” Cage.  You must guess that the brothers in the MC get nicknames like Tack, Shy, Hop, Hound, Rush, Joker, etc.  In Motorcycle Man, Shy is called in (along with others) to get Tab out of a bad situation where her (much older) boyfriend hit her because she wouldn't put out.  After that, the brothers were called out many times to get her home safely and Shy was often on the end of the calls.  One night he lays into Tab and says some hurtful things.  Tab avoids him for years and Shy knows she is doing this and that he went too far that night.  She finally lays into him and explains how wrong he was.  More years pass before Shy has his chance to be with Tab again, but this time it might be too late for them. 

Other drama in the book include her best friend Natalie getting in her face about a lot of things, but one is Shy.  Natalie is into a bad lifestyle and Tab offers her help in getting out, but Natalie refuses until she ends up in a situation that needs not only Tab’s help but Chaos as well.  I do hope that Natalie never gets her own book.  I know we were supposed to feel how close and how far back that Tab and Natalie go, but she was unlikable  even when she wasn't be cracked out.  Even her language was a turn off.  She spoke like she was a man (it actually kind of reminded me of Sylvie from Creed). 

Lee Nightengale (Rock Chick #1), Hawk Delgado (Dream Man #1), Brock Lucas (Dream Man #2), and Mitch Lawson (Dream Man #3) all make lovely little appearances in this book.  I absolutely love it when KA brings in people we love from other books.  It really keeps the characters alive. 

There was a bit of drama with Cherry and Tack and Tab where they were mad at her like she was a child again, and I absolutely loved the writing in that scene when Tab broke it to Cherry that she had no right to be mad.  It was so perfect.  Often in arguments I find myself wishing the characters would say this or that, but KA got it so perfect with that scene I loved it!

After saying all of that stuff, there wasn't really anything that happened.  I didn't feel like I felt Shy and Tab grow together.  I didn't feel like there was any danger to their relationship or to Tab.  I prefer the Rock Chick series where the girls land themselves in danger and need to be rescued from bad guys.  I hope the whole series isn't like this one. 

Overall, it isn't my favorite KA book, but there are so so many awesome KA books that I just expect them all to be good and for one to take the lead as a favorite, it will be one that blows my mind that I think about the characters for months after finishing their story.  I read this quick (like all KA books) and enjoyed it, but didn't love it.  I did love the build up in the prologue of the years moving from the four years prior to present day.  I think the prologue might be my favorite part of the whole book though and that is sad.  The ending wasn't quite the normal KA ending.  I felt it was more of a cliff hanger and KA usually does extensive wrap up so that we feel every event is taken care of, every drama address and we know how the HEA goes.  I can see that the cliff hanger is meant to build up for the second book in this series.  I hope that Rush and Joker get their own books.   One thing I did like as a change is that there was pages and pages of description of rooms/pillows/paint colors/decorations/furniture etcetera.  Also I am pretty sure that Tab didn't wear one pair of “strappy spike heels”.  She wore pumps!  Finally!    

I’m not sure if this is my favorite quote, but it is one that is appropriate for the internet so it is the one.  This is Tab talking to Shy’s brother:

“You really need to take him for coffee so I have plenty of time to plot his murder.  You can’t plot murder distracted by hot guys, and now I have two of you on my hands.”

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