Saturday, February 23, 2013

Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall

5 stars

This was a super quick read (I think it is listed at 129 pages), but (or maybe it’s not a “but”, but an “and”) I absolutely loved it.  Since seeing Tim Burton’s re-make of Alice in Wonderland (which the author gives a nod to), I’ve wanted the Mad Hatter to have a happily ever after.  This first book is free (right now), and I was absolutely pleasantly surprised. 

The book starts off by introducing the series through a fairy godmother (Danika) to “bad boys” which includes Mad Hatter, Hook, the Big Bad Wolf, Gerard (I don’t know who he is) and…someone else…there are five of them.  Something bad will happen (not quite sure what, perhaps we find out later) if those five “bad boys”.  It’s a genie!  That is the fifth guy.  His name is Jinni. 

Ok so this book is the Mad Hatter’s.  He can change Wonderland with a thought and his moods.  He is slowly going mad and loves to quote Edgar Alan Poe.  I loved reading about Wonderland. 

Favorite quote:
"He means nonoe of what he says and only half of what he doesn't."


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