Saturday, February 23, 2013

Creed by Kristen Ashley (Unfinished Heroes #2)

3.5 stars

This is the second book in the Unfinished Heroes series.  As the author says, this series is a little different than her other series in that it is about the “anti-hero”.  Knight is a much better anti-hero than Sylvie as he is basically a pimp (although that word is never used).  Sylvie works for Knight sometimes so I guess that is where her “anti-hero-ness” comes in.   Oh, and this series has more of the smexy stuff than her other series and by that I mean it is more graphic and…hmmm how to say this…more adventurous?  We will go with that…more adventurous.  This story is about Sylvie and Creed.  They were childhood sweethearts and were torn apart right when it should have gotten good for them. 

Throughout the story we get snippets of how Sylvie and Creed started.  I actually think those snippets were my favorite part of the entire book.  Usually, I hate when authors do that and I can’t wait to get through passages like that, but I could. not. wait. to read those sections.  We get to see when Sylvie and Creed meet when she is six and he is eleven and get to read about most of the major events in their young lives. 

Anyway, they were separated when they were young and it was tragic for both of them, and by that I don’t mean that their little hearts were broken (although they most certainly were), I mean that they were both abused/tortured is terrible ways.  Neither has known what the other went through and they haven’t seen each other for sixteen years.   That is pretty much the beginning of the book. 

Those are my favorite parts of the book.  I loved reading about little Sylvie and little Creed.  I think my absolute favorite is when Creed realizes he likes Sylvie but she is still too young to be with him.  And I loved hearing about the tragedy that took them apart.  That sounds weird  because they were both seriously abused and almost killed, but I liked that it wasn’t some stupid “I thought they would be better off without me and so I left”.  It was well thought out most people would react the way that Sylvie and Creed did. 

What I didn’t like about the book was the rest of the storyline.  There was a little drama at the beginning with Knight needing some help and a little at the end with Hawk Delgado (from Mystery Man, whom for the record I love, love, love).  Besides that, nothing much happens and it is all about Creed and Sylvie working through their demons and I am sorry but it was b-o-r-i-n-g!  I actually skimmed a couple pages and I NEVER do that. 

The other thing I didn’t like was that Sylvie was too much of a KA man character.  She dressed like a guy and talked like a commando.  Yuck.  But I get that it was part of what happened to her to make her hard, I just didn’t like that she spoke like every other KA hero.  You with me? (That is a joke.  That is Sylvie’s phrase in this book.)

As I said in a previous post, I pretty much read this one to get to the next one.  Raid is supposed to be out February 28th and I am getting a little worried that it won’t be released then…but I guess I can’t complain because it popped up on my radar unexpectedly.  There is a couple free chapters on the author’s website. 

Favorite quote:
"You feed your cat once a day?" he asked and I stopped opposite the bar and planted my hands on my hips.  "Yeah," I answered.  "She says two," Creed informed me.  Shit.  He spoke cat.  This was not good.  Gun knew all my secrets.
P.S. don't google "Creed" images.  It is not PG...or PG 13...or R.  In fact, it is probably XXX.  Now that I said that you are probably all going to do that, but I am telling you…just don’t. You can’t un-see that.

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