Monday, February 11, 2013

At Peace by Kristen Ashley (The 'Burg Series #2)

4.25 Stars (is that possible?  I don’t know but it is my blog and I can give 0.25 stars if I want)
This story takes place in a small Indiana town outside of Indianapolis.  I happen to be from Indiana and am familiar with the area that the author writes about, which brings an element of fun that most novels don’t have (as not many take place in Indiana J). 
The main characters are Violet Winters (I love the name Violet!) and Joe “Cal” Callahan.  They are neighbors and live across the street from Colt and Feb from the first book in The ‘Burg Series.  Violet moved there with her daughters from Chicago after the death of her husband (Tim) of 17 years by a psychopath who has followed her movements down to Indiana.  Cal is security to the stars and specializes in stalkers and wiring installations for security systems.  Violet had lived there over a year and had never met her neighbor but one night she does, while wearing pink rain boots and a ratty old robe.  Thus begins a tumultuous affair with lots of ups and lots of downs.  Cal has his own demons and does so many 180° turns that the reader gets dizzy.  He’s hot, he’s cold, who knows!  There is another love interest in this book, Mike Haines (who I also love but apparently I have to wait a while to read more about him! boooo!).  We also meet Cal’s cousin/cugino, Benny, and although it is planned for him and Frankie to get their own book, it hasn’t come out yet and I really, really, really, really want to read their story! 
Ok, all done.  Daniel Hart the crazy, stalker man comes after Vi and Cal is not having that.  I liked the ending of this book because the drama with the crazy man lasted longer than in some of the author’s other books. 

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