Friday, February 8, 2013

Blood Rites (Grey Wolves #2) by Quinn Loftis

3.0 stars
This installment takes up right where the first book left us: Jacque and Fane are going to be doing the blood rites in Texas and they are getting ready.  Jacque’s father (an alpha in the Denver pack) has recently become aware of her existence and has ordered his beta to keep an eye on her.  Logan (the beta) has decided he has a liking for Jacque as well now (yes, we have heard that song before).  I felt like it was somewhat believable in the first book.  There aren’t a lot of females and Jacque was living in his territory, but I am not buying Logan’s insta-obsession with Jacque in this.  He needs a mate.  The darkness is consuming him.  We get it.  So he sets plans into motion to get what he wants: a mate.  And this is Jacque (again). 
Jen and Sally weren’t quite as annoying to me in this one, but I still did not find their jokes and sarcasm even remotely amusing or endearing and it is clear that the author intends it to be.  I think this might just be me because I read quite a few reviews where the readers felt like they were quite funny and endearing.  If I said that with this book and said it with the first book, then you might ask yourself, “Why does she keep reading them then?”  That is a good question.  The answer is that the story line was great in the first one, and while this second book felt like it was the same song, different beat, I still enjoyed it.  What I enjoyed most though was watching Decebel and Jen’s interaction (I know, I am a big ball of contradictions since I just said that Jen is annoying to me).  I'm not sure if I want to read on in the series...
My favorite lines in this book:   
“…shining light where there has been only darkness…”  --Fane to Jacque (vows for the blood rites)
“He dared me to give him a reason to kill someone if the time came that he called me Virginia and it no longer pertained to me.”  --Jen to Sally (telling Sally what Decebel leaned over to whisper in his ear)

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