Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gerard's Beauty by Marie Hall (Kingdom Series #2)

4 Stars

This is the second novella in this series with five planned.  The first was about the mad hatter and his Alice.  I absolutely loved that one.  This one is about a character called Gerard Caron who is a part of the story of Beauty and the Beast but due to his dealings with a malicious fairy, his part has been erased from the story.

He is a bit of a man whore which gets him into a bit of trouble with that same malicious fairy and he is on a month probation in which he must get his mate, Betty Hart to fall in love with him.  I really like Betty Hart, she is a librarian and has a mind of her own. 

Favorite quote (this one sounds weird, but there was a lot of banter back and forth between Gerard and Betty which turned into loving banter and I am a sucker for loving banter ):

“You talk too much, harpy.”

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