Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Third Kiss: Dorian’s Dream by Heather Killough-Walden

4 Stars

I actually loaned this book out before I read it myself.  I was looking forward to reading it, but I was in the middle of another book so you will just have to deal with the lateness of this review from the release date.  Also a word to the wise…another reviewer (either intentionally or unintentionally) had spoilers in their review and the Heather Killough-Walden fans on facebook had a crusade to “say that the review wasn’t helpful” on Amazon.  Seems a bit harsh…so don’t make these ladies mad!  They will come for you and your reviews!  Anyway…

Dorian is the main character in this book.  He is the half vampire/half human brother of the French Vampire King.  These brothers do not get along well…beyond normal sibling rivalry.  There was a prophecy that for the many vampire kings of the world that they would have a human queen who would be able to give them half vampire/half human children.  This is desirable for many reasons of which we won’t get into here.  So these kings have waited.  Julien (French Vampire King) had a dream about a woman and many things are revealed to him, but he does know that Emma is his queen.  So he sends Dorian after her.  There is a whole lot more going on here that just two brothers fighting over a woman.  There is dissention (other than Dorian’s) within the ranks.  Other kings are aware of Emma and making their own plans.  Friends are foes and foes are friends. 

I really liked the storyline.  Emma at times wasn’t very likeable and Dorian was just “blah” at times.  Julien was an awesome bad guy.  You will love hating this guy.  And I actually can’t wait to read the next book…I don’t think I can say who the next vampire king will be to get his book without revealing something about the storyline so you will just have to read it!  I was hoping the epilogue was going to be about him though. This author’s book are always such a good deal for the money you send.  The editing is well done and the storyline is always interesting.  I’m pretty sure I own all her books.

P.S. Heather: I am still waiting patiently for the next book in the Neverland series.  I need some more Hook!   

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