Thursday, November 14, 2013

Heller by JD Nixon (Heller #1)

3.5 Stars

This was a fairly entertaining and quick read.  I liked the storyline, but the writing was just ok.  I suspect that further books in the series will be better as the writer gets the hang of her characters.  I was looking for a book/series to read after reading and re-reading the Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley.  It had all the right parts: an alpha hero bad boy, a girl in need of saving who ends up taking care of herself and good secondary characters. 

Tilly is a down and out actor…however, that term might be a little too generous a term for her career.  She is struggling to pay rent and feed herself.  Her best friend, Dixie, isn't very likeable (I couldn't tell if the author did this on purpose or not) and is her roommate.  Tilly ends up interviewing for a position with Heller Security that is disastrous, but she ends up with a trial position with the company. 

What I loved: the idea of Tilly getting a break with a good paying job, plenty of food, etc.  It is every girls dream to be handed a job with all those bonuses that she gets, but perhaps it was a bit much.  I actually loved how much trouble Tilly always ended up in. 

What I didn't love is the on/off idea of Tilly and Heller.  In this book, it held a lot of appeal for me, except for Heller’s excursions out on the town for his “manly needs”.  I have read further excerpts and I am not sure I want to read about all the twists and turns their relationship is going to take.  I know, that is a not fair of me to read all those spoilers but that is how I roll so just deal!   

I think it was finally at 75% that I surmised where the book took place.  Due to the language I had suspected it was London from the beginning, but then kept waffling back and forth at times.  It was very frustrating.  Just say the name of the darn city!  

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