Friday, November 29, 2013

Fragile Brilliance by Tammy Blackwell

 4.5 stars

Normally anything that Tammy Blackwell writes gets an automatic 5 big stars, but this book was slightly different than her previous series with Scout and Liam.  Without Scout narrating we lost some of the humor from her sarcasm.  The narrators were Charlie Hagan is so very broken and a new addition to the group: Maggie McCray.  Because of this the tone of the book is different.  Not bad…just not what I had come to love.  Of course if it was the same I would be thinking, “Ok, so all your characters have the same personality huh?” So Tammy can’t win with me is what I am saying…

This book takes off with the Alpha Pack having a headquarters in Kentucky in a university town.  Scout is going to Sanders University and ends up sitting next to Maggie.  She knows Maggie is something supernatural and assumes she is a Seer.  She invites her to a hustings, but Maggie doesn't show up.  Scout and Talley then find Maggie on campus and convince her to come to a picnic.  The picnic is interrupted by something terrible that lands Maggie in the company of the Alpha Pack until it is resolved.  This is when she meets Charlie…and Charlie immediately doesn't like or trust little Maggie and makes this known.  He is assigned her bodyguard as she continues with her classes on campus and the pack continues the investigation into the crimes that keep happening.  I am thinking that the next book has Joshua in it and I am looking forward to this.  

Maggie just wasn't as likable as I wanted her to be.  I think it was very real to make her jealous of Scout, but knowing what Scout went through and what Scout and Charlie went through it was distasteful that Maggie had animosity towards her.  I am sure that if I was Maggie I would have those same feelings towards Scout.  I know...once again poor Tammy can't win.  Charlie was Charlie and I enjoyed reading about his growth and thought processes.  They made sense just like Maggie, but perhaps the Hagans just can't do any wrong.  I really did love reading about the Liam/Scout saga.  It wasn't quite enough to satiate me, but it was more than I thought I would get.  Beggars can't be choosers.  

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