Monday, November 11, 2013

The Dream Thief by Shana Abe (Drākon #2)

I loved this book as much as the first. I am bit sad because the reviews for the third book weren’t that great.

This book follows Zane whom we meet in the first book and the youngest child of Rue and Christoff. She is the only one of the children who can’t Turn and hasn’t shown any Gifts yet. She has always been a little different than the rest of the family and has heard the song of Draumr her whole life.

Zane is sent on a mission to find Draumr in Transylvania. I will admit that I have a weakness for anything taking place in Transylvania. Along the way he finds out that Amalia (the youngest child of Rue and Christoff) has also made the journey to find this stone. She convinces him to let her travel with him so she can help him find this diamond. The journey is perilous and wonderful. Amalia gains a lot of confidence and Zane gets a little humility. I LOVED the ending.

I did wish there was a bit of an epilogue or something to let us know how her family took the issue. The one thing I did find odd is that there appears to be journal entries of perhaps Amalie telling the story from her perspective for small bits or someone else telling their own opinions. I never understood those passages. Who is talking?  I will still read the next one in the series but with low expectations.  The next one is about Maricara who is 11 when we meet her in this book and the hero is Amalia's older brother, so what is the age difference there?  I thought it odd that they never discussed the age difference between Amalia and Zane so I probably won't know the age difference for the next book.

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