Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tempting the Best Man (Gamble Brothers) by J. Lynn

3.5 Stars

I have read many of Jennifer Armentrout’s YA books and really enjoyed them so when I saw that she was making a foray into adult romances I thought I would like them just as much…this did not happen.  I am not ready to say that I wouldn’t like any of her adult books, but this one didn’t come close the Lux novels.  I’m willing to try again though.


Madison is heading to her brother’s wedding.  She is happy for him, but not looking forward to seeing her brother’s best friend.  She has been in love with him forever.  They live in the same building and she sees him with his never ending stream of hussies all the time.  On top of this, they have a rather awkward past sexual encounter that ended badly.  On top of this, he is the best man and she is the maid of honor so they are walking down the aisle together.  On top of this (again!) there is a problem with the reservations and Madison ends up having to stay in the same room with Chase.  You know what happens next! 

My problem with this is that after the big climax, all the problems arise from a misunderstanding.  You may or may not know this yet…but I hate when all the angst comes from a stupid misunderstanding.  Even at the end, Madison doesn’t know how stupid she is because they never addressed the misunderstanding. I stopped reading it at 81% because I got so annoyed, then when I picked it back up I realized the book ended at 86% so I felt silly! 

Anyway, I when I went to Amazon to look for this title to add my review, I saw another book by J. Lynn and bought that right away.  I can’t remember what it is called but it looks interesting.  It is an adult installment in the Lux novels, but it is about an Arum as the hero!  Hmmm…

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