Thursday, June 20, 2013

After the Storm by Claudy Conn

4 stars

I have grown to really love Claudy Conn’s short historical romance books. They are usually ~200 pages and actually quite predictable as far as the major plot lines. There is a despicable rake who encounters a refreshing young chit and at first they do not get along, but eventually grow quite fond of each other and then of course love. The rake isn’t so despicable after all and the young chit shows grit and fortitude. There is always some danger lurking about and of course the must-needed happy ending. Does this stop me from devouring these books and loving every single second of it? Nope, not even a little bit. Also, in this particular book, I didn’t figure out who was the “bad guy” until it was staring me in the face! Well done!

So the main characters in this one are Jennifer Ashley and Earl Jason Danfield. The earl needs to marry within the month or he will lose his inheritance. Jenny was engaged a year ago to her lifelong friend who died at the battle of Waterloo. She has vowed to never love again. Is this perfect? The earl needs a wife, but hasn’t found anyone yet and Jennifer refuses to be debuted in London and paraded about. So they agree upon a marriage of convenience. Upon marrying, they promptly go the Danfield Castle for a month (per the terms of his inheritance) where Jenny meets Jason’s evil stepmother, his delightful half brother, his cousin, his two wards and their governess. He dead fiance’s best friend comes for a visit to make sure everything is on the up and up for Jenny. Things start happening (and luckily the characters don’t pretend they are accidents) to threaten both Jenny and Jason and they must figure it out before these attempts are successful.

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